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Numbers and Probability

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Fun, colourful and interactive GCSE maths revision apps providing thousands of examples, clues and easy-to-remember revision notes. Passing your maths exam starts here!

Why did we create these apps?
Because we know how it feels to read through big, boring, heavy maths textbooks. And we didnt like it either!

Whats so good about them?
Unlike textbooks and some other maths apps out there, most of the examples in our apps are randomly generated and can be shuffled an unlimited number of times. This means that you wont be able to memorise answers, and that youll actually learn how to do the working out properly! It also means that youll be continuously tested.....

So what makes them not boring?
All of our apps are colourful and interactive. Youre not just reading pages upon pages of numbers. Youre actually looking at questions, revealing clues to help you out, and then (hopefully) working out the correct answer!

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* Understanding Numbers
* Addition
* Subtraction
* Multiplication
* Multiplying + and - Numbers
* Division
* Rounding
* Types of Number
* Ordering Numbers

More Numbers

* Multiples
* Times Tables
* Factors
* Multiples and Factors
* Even and Odd Numbers
* Prime Numbers
* Powers
* Square Roots


* Introduction
* Calculating Probability
* Probability as a Fraction
* Probability as a Decimal
* The Probability Scale
* Probability of an Event Not Happening